This method returns a items for a custom data list created by your organization.


Your request data may contain the following parameters. GET or POST the object (as JSON) to

Parameter Example Required Description
token "YOUR_TOKEN" Required Your API Token
pretty true Optional true means the response json will include white space for readability. Default is false.
data_list_id 324 Required The id of the data list.
include_deleted false Optional Set to true if you want deleted items to be included in the response. Defaults to false.

Example Request

Example Response

  "ok": true,
  "datalistitems": [
      "id": 1024,
      "created": 1476718836394,
      "updated": 1476718836394,
      "title": "North Building",
      "data_list_id": 1024,
      "sequence": 1
      "id": 1025,
      "created": 1476718836394,
      "updated": 1476718836394,
      "title": "East Building",
      "data_list_id": 1024,
      "sequence": 2
      "id": 1026,
      "created": 1476718836395,
      "updated": 1476718836395,
      "title": "South Building",
      "data_list_id": 1024,
      "sequence": 3


If an error occurs, the response JSON will have ok set to false:

  "ok": false,
  "error": "token_invalid",
  "description": "The token `YOUR_TOKEN` was not found."

The error field will contain one of the following error identifiers and there may also be a description field with a more detailed explanation:

Identifier Description
api_method_not_found The requested url did not match any iScout api method.
request_method_invalid The requested method was not GET or POST.
request_data_invalid The request did not include a valid JSON request object.
rate_limit_exceeded This token is exceeding its request limit.
token_missing The request did not include a token.
token_invalid The request token was invalid.
token_inactive The request token was has been deactivated.
token_permission The request token does not have write permission.
account_inactive The request token was for an account that is not active.
parameter_unexpected The request data included a parameter that is not supported.
parameter_missing The request data failed to include a parameter which was required.
parameter_invalid The request data included a parameter which had a value that is not allowed.
server_error The server encountered an internal error.
content_not_found The requested content was not found.